Web Development

21 Digital Web Solutions is essentially a web development company. We work mainly with the following web development technologies:

  • PHP
  • my SQL Database
  • Java & Javascript
  • Ajax
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

We have developed our own CMS & eCommerce website framework called eSolve. All development is done on the eSolve platform only.

Our main focus is Content Managed Websites and eCommerce websites in their various forms.

eSolve is provided as a SaaS platform hosted on dedicated web servers that we manage. Our web servers are hosted at the vendor neutral data centre, Teraco.

The eSolve Platform is flexible enough for us to develop almost any web service on.

For example, the eSolve platform can already cater for the following applications:

  • Content Managed Website platform
  • eCommerce Online Shop
  • B2B / Wholesale Ordering system
  • Accommodation Booking System
  • Customer / Dealer Zone

The platform has already been integrated to various 3rd party platforms like:

  • Payment Gateways (PayFast, MyGate, PayPal, Peach Payments, Virtual Card Services)
  • Logic SMS
  • Graphicmail
  • IQ Retail
  • Omni Accounts
  • On the Dot (eBooks)

If you are interested in web development work for your project based on the eSolve platform, please contact us here