14 reasons why a website is a good idea

We believe that in this day and age a website presence is extremely important if you want to cast your net as wide as possible and reach a wider audience of prospective clients. It is a fact that broadband internet is increasing and your target market, people between the age of 18 - 40, will most likely search the internet for a supplier or service, before finding the dusty Yellow Pages tucked away in a cupboard somewhere.

Clearly there are numerous reasons why even the smallest of businesses can benefit from a Web presence

1. Credibility
When you can point customers, partners, even potential employees to a Web site, it tells them you are a serious business   

2. Competition

A professional looking Web site can level the playing field for smaller companies trying to compete against larger enterprises. It’s also a way to stay in the game; if you don't have a line in the sea you can't catch a fish.
3. Interest
When customers go to your website and find something they need you immediately create interest.

4. Reach
With a Web site, you are no longer limited to geographic area of customers. Your place of business may be in the Cape Town Southern Suburbs, but your reach to customers can be extended nationally and even internationally.

5. Visibility
The most convenient way to do this is searching for products or services online of course. If your website is not there, you may be seriously missing out. How will potential customers decide between you and your competitors.

6. Improves customer relations and perceptions

In today's times customers expect an established business to have a professional website. Saying you don’t have one “yet” is not a good signal to send. Beyond that, a website can provide news or details about your business and special offers to its visitors, strengthening your name recognition and most of all your credibility. A website provides the unique opportunity to tell potential customers what you are about and why you deserve not only their trust and confidence, but their business.

7. Save money on materials
You can lower your printed material costs by making advertisements available on a website. This not only benefits you with reduced printing and mailing costs, but your website visitor as well, now having instant access to your material anytime they need it. Other traditional materials can be handled online as well, such as job applications, contracts, training materials and much more!

8. To make pictures, sound and film files available
The web allows you to add sound, pictures and short movie files to your company's info for potential customers . No brochure will do that for you. We are living in an ever increasing multi-media oriented world.

9. To Answer Frequently Asked questions

How do I stop those annoying questions. Your website allows you to do that, by putting the frequently ask questions on your website. 

10. Testimonials

You can give potential clients a portfolio of happy customers and great more credibility.

11. Cost
The cost of a website are in the short term may be more expensive than advertising in the newspaper or local ads, but will save you more in long term.

12. To keep your customers informed
To give your customers business information and other details.

13. 24 Hour service

Most customers search for a service or products after work at home at their leasure when your shop or business is usually closed, but the internet is accessible 24-7.

14. Build up a client database

A website allows you to capture client details via client details form page for future reference or marketing campaigns.

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