Some facts to consider before choosing an eCommerce provider

  • There are many off the shelf eCommerce shop website systems available on the internet, most of them are open source software based, i.e. - Free to download, install and use.

  • The majority of other web development companies in this industry simply implement and customize these systems for their clients. For most implementations these eCommerce websites work okay,  but the moment a client needs anything custom developed or requires an integration to a payment gateway or other, the web developers fall short.

  • The other major problem with many of these systems is that they have security vulnerabilities and end up being hacked in some form or other. Most of these systems are installed in shared hosting environments which have certain limitations. A managed dedicated web server environment is always better.

  • Another issue to consider is that the web developers do not manage the software properly. These other eCommerce Cart Software offerings bring out new versions all the time with bug fixes and security enhancements. However, it is quite likely that the installation of the software for your website is out of date and your website is vulnerable.

  • There are many web design / development companies that offer eCommerce,  but their are few that specialize in eCommerce websites. Their forte is design and website building,  our forte is eCommerce.